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About us

Jenn Fredericksen

Greens On Your Way is the newest creation of Jenn Fredericksen, owner of Latte On Your Way.  We live in busy times, and frequently one of the last things on the minds of people on the go is eating healthy food. We decided to change that by bringing healthy salads and fresh smoothies to the drive through.

Greens On Your Way is located in Poulsbo where the Poulsbo Perk used to be.  Latte On Your Way has moved in and decided to use the space a little differently.  We closed off the front entrance and made a kitchen/prep area where we make all of our salads. 

This website was created to make getting your lunch salad as easy and fast as picking up your morning coffee.  When you order online, you can customize your salad and pick it up the same day or the next morning!

So take a look around, try a salad or smoothie next time you drive through, and let us know what you think!